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Terraria vs Minecraft – A Comparison of Two Awesome Games

Terraria vs Minecraft – A Comparison of Two Awesome Games

Minecraft is a sandbox game that has been around for years. It is known for its vast open game world and the ability to play in creative or survival mode. Terraria is a side-scrolling action-adventure sandbox game that was released in 2011. It is inspired by Minecraft and it adds many features to the mix, such as more enemies, bosses, items, weapons and an actual storyline.


Terraria and Minecraft both share similar gameplay. They are both sandbox games that allow you to do whatever you want. Unlike Minecraft, though, Terraria is 2 dimensional. Both titles have the same feel to them, and they both allow you to do the same things. 

One thing that I like about Terraria is that it has a story. I found the story of Terraria to be much better than that of Minecraft. You start out in Minecraft in a randomly made world, and you have no idea what is going on. And in Terraria you start out in a randomly made world as well, but you have a cut scene explaining what is going on. 

So, the gameplay of the two is very similar, but the story of Terraria is much better. The main difference is that Minecraft is designed around the idea of building. Terraria is designed more around the idea of adventuring, exploring, and fighting. The game also has many different crafting recipes to make many different items.


The graphics of Terraria are 2 dimensional, unlike Minecraft, which is 3 dimensional. There are many similarities in the art style of the games. However, Minecraft is more cartoonish, and Terraria is more realistic.

Minecraft has a distinct look to it. The blocks have a very cubic look to them, and the graphics are very pixelated. Terraria is a bit more realistic. The graphics are a little smoother, and the colors have more of a 3D look.


So these two games are very similar, they are both sandbox games. Both Minecraft and Terraria have many similarities in the gameplay department. Both have an open world that you explore, mine, and craft. As you explore, you will find monsters and other obstacles along the way.

If you like Minecraft but you are looking for something a bit more challenging, Terraria is for you.

16 Jul 2021